Why happiness is good for business

I was browsing the news this weekend and I noticed that Sunday was the International Day of Happiness.

As I reflected on my own business experiences in the past, I recalled the times when I wasn’t anywhere near as aware of my own health and state of mind as I am now and consequently didn’t look after myself.

Working long hours, 7 days a week with little rest, trying to make the business a success cost me my health.

In the space of 3 to 4 years I contracted both meningitis and pneumonia.

Both of which I was told was brought on by the fact that I had been working too long hours.

The result

3-4 day stays in the hospital and a very concerned family

This was a massive wake up call for me.

I realised what’s the point in striving so hard for business success if I’m not around long enough to enjoy it?

I had a responsibility to myself, my family and my employees to take better care of myself and that meant focusing on my health and my happiness.

So I made a change.

The key was to bring more balance into my life and my business.

There are still times where I have to hit it hard.

I’m much more aware of those times now.

I try to plan for them and make sure that my general diary and other commitments drop or are rearranged to  allow me to give time to the business, without  taking away from my own personal well-being.

It can be hard to find the right balance when you are so used to going at the business hard all the time.

But reevaluating your business and working smarter on the key areas that will move the needle can relieve some of that pressure and help towards finding that balance.

Also taking sufficient time out to relax and unwind is, ironically, just as business-critical.

Because burnout is real.

You can’t think clearly or creatively when you are burned out.

Once I started focusing on my own wellbeing and essentially my happiness, that’s when things started to turn around.

The business was more successful

I got to spend more time with my family

I felt good about myself

I was able to serve my clients better

I was able to be a better colleague.

I was a happier human.

And isn’t that really what life’s all about? 😊

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